Garage Door Measuring

Tips on how to measure for your garage door…

…detailed information in ordering the correct sizes to avoid mistakes!

When ordering from us we are working on opening sizes i.e. clear drive through width x clear height, the doors are then made to suit this opening. Please be aware that all doors require specific side and headroom to allow correct fitting and operation. If you are unsure please feel free to download our survey sheet and email or fax it to us so that we can advise you on the correct door size to order.

Clear width = The brick to brick width. Measure top middle and bottom and take the smallest dimension

Clear Height = From finished floor to underside of lintel

Headroom = From underside of lintel to underside of lowest obstruction

Side room left = Measured from inside looking out, the width of the reveal

Side room right = Measured from inside looking out, the width of the reveal

For all measuring you will need the opening to be on one plane i.e The back of the reveals and lintel need to be flush.

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