Top Tips

Here are our top ten tips for a trouble free garage door experience:

  1. Measure twice, order once.
  2. Download the correct installation instructions to familiarize yourself with the door installation.
  3. Use Two people for an easier installation
  4. Make sure you have the correct fixings and drill bits
  5. Take your time and get it right
  6. Organize lifting equipment if roller door is heavy
  7. Lubricate the door with the right stuff. Roller doors require silicone spray, all other doors need a 3-in-1 type oil. WD40 is too thin
  8. Electric operators are designed to work properly operating doors, they are not a cure for doors that don’t operate well by hand. If the door needs adjusting, do this before your operator is installed, this will greatly increase the service life
  9. Every 12 months service the door. Check spring tension, check all nuts and bolts, re-lubricate appropriate parts
  10. Keep door washed down to improve appearance and increase lifespan of the surface finish.

Remember, we’re here to help!  Get in touch with us if you need some more help and advice.